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3 May

Fast Solutions For Lost Keys On Vacation

When was the last time you enjoyed a nice vacation? Do you remember how cozy and relaxing your hotel room was? Why not repeat your experience by checking Abuja off your list of things you've traveled to? This place is a genuine haven for unsuspecting tourists looking to capture the true charm of Nigeria in a unique and genuine way. If you are interested to learn more about Abuja as a tourist destination and find out what makes this place so special, keep reading. We are also going to debate a common issue a lot of travelers are confronted with: losing your keys while on vacation and what to do to retrieve them as fast and cheap as possible.car keys

Why Is Abuja A Good Vacation Destination?

A leisure trip here to Abuja, Nigeria will introduce you to a few memorable attractions.

  • The Aso Rock Presidential Villa which is the official residence of the Nigerian President located on a valley is one of the most popular attractions here.

  • Aso Rock is a breathtaking mountain located behind the presidential villa that will satisfy the sightseeing needs of nature lovers.

  • Millennium Park is a gorgeous green area located in the Maitama District. Lake Jabi is a natural lake located in the district with the same name, while the Abuja Wonderland & Park is found near the City Gate.

Why Book A Room With Us?

If you would like to relax in a private, cozy, and beautiful environment, we warmly invite you to take a look at our rooms. Our separate sitting room and fully equipped kitchens will give you all the freedom you need on your vacation, while our en-suite bedrooms will provide you with all the amenities you require for a perfect getaway.

Our fast-speed internet connection will not restrict your access to your favorite apps, social media, chat clients, and business projects you may need to work on remotely. When was the last time you ordered room service in your hotel room? Our venue has high-class room service will bring you the tastiest private meals in your room – you can wait for your food in your pajamas, we don't care. We also feature a laundry service, so you will not worry about anything while enjoying your vacation.

The Boutique Cafe is perfect for serving the tastiest warm drinks with friends or family. Feeling tensed and drenched of energy? Why not enjoy a professional calming massage right before going to bed?

If you don't feel like driving a rental car one evening, we can fix you up with a luxury cab that will take you anywhere you need and bring you back safely.

Lost Your Keys While Traveling?

All the sightseeing, good food, and tourist attractions here, not to mention the feel-good sensation most people who travel experience might have helped you relax a little too much. It's easy to lose your focus and stop paying attention to your bags, wallet, camera, or pockets. And pickpocket thieves are waiting for you to do just that.

If the dreaded thing has already happened and you have lost your bags with all of your keys in it, or your key chain was stolen, you may not be extremely worried about it right now. If you have traveled to Nigeria from the US or Europe, chances are you are not truly worried that whoever has found/taken your keys will actually use them. However, if you live in a different part of Nigeria, you may want to start searching for an auto locksmith near me right about now.

Clone Your Key

If you have lost your car key, talk to a local locksmith, these technicians can read the code sent out by a key and further clone a different key by writing the code in a new chip of a blank transponder key. For this, they will use a key-cloning machine, then cut the key in order to perfectly match the slots.

If you own a more expensive vehicle that features higher security lock mechanisms, locksmiths will rely on a specialized programming machine in order to carefully extract the code from using the electronic modules via an OBD port. A good locksmith with a lot of experience in the field should be able to duplicate the signal so you can once again use the remote buttons on the fob. Just make sure you have more money prepared for this.

Ask for references from friends and people you trust and see if you can get any referral discounts online.

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