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11 Jul

How To Plan The Perfect Gambling Vacation

Have you ever planned a vacation with the sole purpose of gambling somewhere new and exciting? Did you know that there is an entire industry that revolves around tourists who love to wager their money on their favorite casino games? If you are passionate about all things casino-related and you would like to create unique memories and collect casino mugs and souvenirs in Nigeria, here is what you should know.

What To Expectcard games

Nigeria has a lot of legalized forms of gambling, and sports betting has turned into a national sport for the locals here. Sports wagers are legal in 36 states in the country, Abuja included. In fact, according to national statistics, around 30 percent of Nigerians place at least one bet on a regular, daily basis.

Lotteries and casino games are also present here, even though they are less popular than betting on sports. If you are a big roulette fan or you love to see a coin flip and wager on the result, you will most likely need to focus on your regular roulette game online, as Nigeria does not regulate these games. Plus, you will only find three licensed casino venues in the country.

However, you can access plenty of online casinos that address the Nigerian public using your smartphone or laptop. The WiFi connection at Brick’s Point is more than satisfying, so you should have no problem accessing online Nigerian gambling sites on your vacation here.

Create A Vacation Gambling Budget

  • While the alternative of free, practice mode gambling exists at almost any virtual casino out there, you may be looking for the real thrills. Namely, real money gambling. A lot of people get easily lost in the moment and keep wagering one game after the other, in a desperate attempt to keep the high going and recover some of their lost money.

  • Do not allow yourself to go as far as to lose your vacation money. Instead, set up a clear and limited budget for your gambling and do not go over it, no matter how lucky you may feel or how badly you may want to limit your losses.

  • On the other hand, you need to find a balance that will still allow you to truly enjoy the time spend behind a poker table while still keeping an eye on your budget.

  • Set aside money for your accommodation, transportation needs, food, and decide how much you are willing to spend on your passion for gambling.

  • Make sure you do not wager more than you can afford and keep your priorities straight. While gambling is fun and can make you lose yourself for a few hours in a row, you will need to keep your head on your shoulders. If you have a fund for fun/entertainment money, now would be a good time to use it.

  • If you win, you may want to put the money back in your gambling fund, and/or top off your emergency money fund, if you have one. If you are lucky or skilled enough to win a few thousand dollars, you could even prepare your budget for next year’s vacation.

  • It is a good idea to try to divide your stake into at least three portions. If you choose the virtual gambling alternative, you can transfer some of the money from your casino account into your game account. If you plan on trying a few of the Nigerian gambling options, you should not carry all your vacation money on you. You could easily get distracted by the fun and new type of gambling and lose track of your wagering.

  • Get the right type of cash denominations so you can tip the casino and restaurant staff, and make your wagering a lot smoother. Make sure you know the exact value of the bills, so that you do not keep wagering what you believe to be an insignificant amount only to discover the opposite.

Keep in mind that the less money you actually spend on your vacation in Nigeria, the better for your budget. Make sure you do not focus your entire attention on gambling here and miss out on a few of the most spectacular tourist attractions in the country. You can still spend a few pleasant hours behind a card game table, while not spending a small fortune you will most likely regret later.

You could try to focus more on low limit games and make sure you always know the house rules on all games you plan on playing.


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