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18 Aug

How To Plan The Perfect Trip To India

Whether you are getting ready to embark on a longer trip in multiple destinations, or you are eager about finally getting to spend a long weekend away from home, you probably want to have as much fun as possible. This can mean different things to different people. Some people are into adventures, trekking, hiking, or scuba diving, while others prefer tanning on white-sand beaches while sipping their favorite umbrella drinks and doing some ocean wave therapy. These vacations are usually easy to plan as they have pretty standard destinations and “features”.

But what if you are planning a very special anniversary or you have just received the news that you have won a small fortune or inherited some unexpected money? Wouldn't you like to go on the perfect vacation to celebrate your good fortune or special day?India destinations

If you plan on choosing India as one of or your main destination, Sasan Gir is ready to cater to your every need. Whether you are into the eat-pray-love type of experience or you would like to see India through the eyes of a more adventurer traveler, we are here to help. Book with us and you will enjoy stellar accommodation in one of our luxurious rooms.

For those of you interested in discovering what makes for a perfect vacation, these next few lines should be useful.

Spin The Globe VS Matching Places With Personality

One common mistake a lot of travelers tend to make is to choose the places they will include in their itinerary without putting too much effort into it. Sure it can be romantic to close your eyes, spin a globe and land your finger on your next vacation destination. There are even people who pack their bags, go to the airport, and look for the next plane that is about to depart, then buy the tickets. It's a rush of adrenaline that is difficult to explain or imitate.

Nevertheless, the most satisfying and successful vacations happen when you carefully choose your next destinations by hand. You need to find places and leisure activities you are fully compatible with, even though a touch of the wild and unexpected does have its perks. Think of it like this: you've never enjoyed going to museums, as you find them boring, and your spouse has planned a whole day visiting the National Museum in Delhi, the Salar Jung art museum, and the Calico Museum of Textiles. While you can picture her having a blast, you know for a fact there will be no sudden rush of excitement capturing your body while setting foot in any of these places.

Find something else to do together, or let her enjoy her selection of museums while you explore the Ellora Caverns and Caves or go on a jeep safari. Or maybe you are a foodie, and you cannot wait to try out all those curry recipes and experience the genuine Indian gastronomy. If you also happen to vlog or write a blog, you will definitely need all the extra time to gather footage and precious data and keep your followers updated with your trip.

Know Your Destination

Setting up a clear itinerary with all the coolest places you would like to visit and the fun things you want to do will help a lot. If possible, use daily or hourly schedules, so you can make sure you won't miss a thing.

If you plan on trying your luck in a couple of casinos in Mumbai and other regions, make sure you pack the right currency and read a few casino reviews to know what to expect. The gambling experience here might be different from the online sessions you are used to, so make sure you go prepared. Have a clear and limited travel budget you plan on using on your gambling preferences. Who knows, you may even turn back home with a small fortune from India!

Carpe Diem!

Don't forget to leave all the stress, worry, and concerns back home at least for the time being and just enjoy yourself. Relax, take deep breathes, book massages from locals and drink their fantastic herbal tea.

Let go of your need to be in control all the time. You can't predict the weather and you can't change the result of a casino spin or roll of dice. Lose yourself in the moment (just remember to be use pre-set limits) and you should have a blast. Winning, losing, it doesn't really matter. It's all about the journey and the small moments that create our memories in the end. This is what the perfect vacation should look and feel like.

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