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22 Sep

How To Fix A Vacation Home Garage Door

Spring is here and you are looking forward to your next vacation. You are already planning to get back to your vacation home and enjoy the summer time there, between surfing and sun bathing.

Obviously, you also feel a little anxious to see how your home looks like after so many months: it’s a most common thought for all homeowners who have a second home where they only rarely go.

Safety Tips For Garage Doors

Actually, one of the weakest points in a second home is the garage door. It’s not a random accident if most home burglars use the garage door as their easiest way to access the home.

As a consequence, homeowners who can’t go and check the home’s conditions on a regular basis have to install new alarm systems and/or other safety systems that can somehow discourage burglars from getting in the home. The new technologies offer today a pretty wide array of high-quality products and safety systems for all homes, so you won’t find it too hard to find the ideal security system for your vacation home.

Golden Tips For All Homeownersgarage door

If you want to sleep quietly knowing that your vacation home is well protected, you can follow these precious tips, all focused on increasing the security quality of the garage door:

  • Plan monthly inspections to your vacation home, if possible
  • Keep the garage door opener key away from children
  • Open the garage door before starting the car
  • Don’t forget the garage door opener in the car
  • If it’s a manual garage door, call an expert for installation of door handle protections
  • Don’t forget your garage door open while you’re away
  • Request the installation of new security cameras for the garage
  • Call Prosco for these garage door services at (888) 9875 665

What If Your Garage Door Needs Repairs?

After some months that you are not using your vacation home’s garage door, you may even expect that it doesn’t work anymore or that t fails to open/close.

That’s surely a very stressful problem that you may hardly fix on your own – Prosco has the ideal experts who can reach you and help you with your garage door!

The entire range of garage door services at Prosco includes the world’s most basic and essential services, as well as upgrades and security installations of all types:-

  • Garage door replacement
  • Installation of new garage door
  • Garage door spring tuneups
  • Rollers, cables and hinge replacement
  • Garage door repairs
  • Track adjustment and/or replacement
  • Garage door opener repair
  • Rollers and cables lubrication
  • Annual maintenance checks

Emergency Calls For Prosco’s Experts!

There’s nothing better than improving the entire garage door system while enjoying the beach, surfing the waves with your dear ones or having neighborhood bar-b-ques and get togethers.

Prosco provides a nationwide team of garage door experts who can help at anytime and anywhere you are. Keep in mind that Prosco offers 24/7 services and emergency assistance for a very impressive wide number of situations.

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